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Who is Joe Dills

Joe Dills grew up in Clermont County playing at the Leming House/Buckwheat Park in Miami Township and biking the Loveland Bike Trail in Milford.

Joe grew up in a family that knew the value of a dollar. Growing up with a single hard working mom, she taught him the meaning of hard work and dedication. Joe is proud to be a veteran of the United States Air Force. He knows first hand the struggles of our veterans, and knows what “service before self” means.

Joe currently owns a local business, so he understands what our government can do to spur economic development. As someone who has started several businesses, Joe knows what it takes to create jobs. 

Joe and his wife Nikea, together they are raising their three children Sydni, Selah and Gunner in Union Township.

Ohio has provided Joe with boundless opportunity, and as a husband and father raising a young family in Clermont County, nothing is more important to him than ensuring our state is the greatest in the Union.

Joe played several years of minor league professional soccer as a goalkeeper. He also played for the All Air Force soccer team, winning the gold medal against Army in the finals. 

He has run in four tough mudders, which is a twelve mile run filled with muddy obstacles. He and Nikea plan on running one together next year.

Joe now enjoys going to the gym, reading, traveling, riding his Harley and playing co-ed sand volleyball with his wife and friends.

Joe is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, serving in both active duty and the reserves. He knows first hand the struggles of our veterans and will fight to make sure all veterans are taken care of. 


Joe and Nikea are blessed in their marriage. Nikea is the praise & Worship Music Pastor at their church and also works in finance. You will see her singing at many local community events and driving her kids around to all their many activities. They have 3 amazing children who are incredibly unique in their own way. Sydni is 9 years old and has an incredible gift for the arts. She has such a huge heart to help people and would be happy spending her day in a room full of animals. Their 4-year-old Selah is full of energy and has a very outgoing personality. Selah is an extremely talented gymnast and you will find her dancing and flipping at all hours of the day. Gunner is a spunky 1 year old who is learning his way around in this world. He loves music and running around with a ball in his hands. He adores his older sisters and knows they would do anything and everything for him. 

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I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican — in that order. Joe’s faith tells him that our rights come from God and that those rights belong to everyone, including the unborn. He is a conservative because he believes the success of the American people lies within each one of us, not within the government. As a Republican, Joe is committed to the ideals of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.



Taxes and Regulations

Under President Trump and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we have seen record high employment, the lowest black unemployment in history, the lowest Hispanic unemployment in history, lowest women unemployment in history, the highest median income in history, and unprecedented GDP growth. Thanks to the elimination of burdensome regulations, we have seen an extraordinary boom in industries like manufacturing. I will continue to support these policies if elected to the House of Representatives.


Joe Dills is pro-life, no exceptions. Period. He will always stand up for the unborn and will never allow groups like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU scare him into supporting pro-choice legislation.

2nd Amendment

Our country was founded on the basis of the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is key to keeping government in its place. The first step for any oppressive regime is to disarm the populace. Joe will always support an individual’s right to protect his/her family and will never support additional restrictions that do nothing but burden legal gun owners.

Making Adoption Easier

Joe believes that we must act on our convictions. As a strong pro-life activist, this means passionately promoting the option of adoption by cutting away the red tape and making it easier and more affordable for Ohioans to grow their families.

Protecting Our Founding Values

Joe will fight to shrink the size of government and ensure that the levers of government are not used to minimize the freedoms of Ohioans. Joe believes in more liberty and freedom and less government


Joe believes that the education of our children should be controlled by families and local schools, not the state or the federal government. Joe will fight to end common core and equip local communities with the tools they need to give children a top notch education and more opportunities

Fight Against Socialism

The scourge of socialism has reared its ugly head in our country. Joe will adamantly push back against the acceptance of socialism by touting the principles of the free market and capitalism, which has fueled the success of small businesses, entrepreneurs and countless Americans.